Friday, July 19, 2013

The morning feet-greeting ritual

Like most rabbits, Flicka is primarily focused on food and specifically just how much she can wheedle out of us daily.  But to write off all rabbit behaviour as food orientated is a mistake and can lead to missing out on some important communication.  For example...

Every morning Flicka is either waiting on the hallway rug or racing to meet me as I open the bedroom door.  We meet on the rug and she immediately starts 'snouting' my feet i.e. nudging, running her nose over them and up my leg... it is quite forceful and, in fear of a nip and assuming she is asking me to feed her, I've always continued on my way down the hallway with her following.

The 'snout'
This morning I paused and looked back - she was still waiting on the rug.  I thought to myself 'what are you doing?  You know she's not a biter'.  So I went back, resubmitted my feet and got thoroughly snouted - very enjoyable it was too, albeit a tad ticklish.  Then I gave her a little ear scratch and she happily binkied off down the hallway with me in pursuit (was tempted to binky myself, I admit).

I now realise this is her way of saying 'good morning, did you sleep well, any bad dreams? etc, etc and that it was really quite rude of me to not respond to this.  So from now on I shall be minding my manners and enjoying the morning feet-greeting ritual in all its snouty glory.  Of course, she still wants food after - but then what self-respecting rabbit would turn down the chance of free grub? is a complete rabbit information resource and non-profit site raising the profile of rabbits as pets.  Join us on Facebook


  1. That's adorable. Flicka sounds like she has such a personality!

    Our morning routine with Waldo is so set in stone that it cracks me up! Once my boyfriend and I are showered and dressed and ready, we open his condo door, he comes right down to have breakfast, and then he bunny flops on the couch with us until it's time to go back into his condo and we go to work. It's like he's still sleepy because he knows it's 6:30 a.m., too!

    1. thanks Tina! lol, bless him.. fill the tumtum, see the humans off to work and then back to sleep.. Waldo's got it sussed! :-)

  2. Our Gizmo is the same if you go by him and you don't let him lick you or nuzzle you he thumps and flicks his feet. I think people just don't give them the credit they deserve when it comes to intelligence. Rabbits are one of the smartest animals I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my home with.