Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hot new bunny shop on the block

Looking for great bunny themed gifts online?  Read on!

Now that's what I call a well wrapped present...
I recently commissioned a piece of artwork from Olya Schmidt through her Etsy Bunny Diary shop for a good friend's birthday.  I could not be more happy with how it turned out - the attention to detail was amazing, from the packaging to the wrapping to the artwork itself.

The shop has only been open for a month or so and new items are being added all the time.  For me, the pricing is excellent - low enough to be affordable but high enough to warrant being a very special gift for the bunny lover in your life.

Here's the picture itself.  Was sorely tempted to nab it for myself but resisted temptation and gave it to my friend, who loves it.  Thank you, Bunny Diary, and keep on creating!
The painting... pic courtesy of Olya Schmidt

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