Monday, March 18, 2013

Why every home office needs a rabbit or two

Sitting at my desk on a gloomy Monday morning with an overflowing in-tray and absolutely no desire to do anything about it...

How to get started?  Coffee is not doing its usual trick.  The weather is no help, with rain turning to sleet to snow and back to rain.  At times like this, working from home is a motivational challenge which I am ill equipped to face.
The Den... Flicka in prime position, Bailey getting ready to wedge

And then, I look down.  A smile dawns on my face.  Unusually, Bailey has nabbed 'prime position' in the den and is happily reclined with his head resting on the cushion, his white toes stretched out to the max and his ears twitching happily as he dreams about... who knows?  Banana, probably.  Or hot chicks.

Flicka is lurking somewhere behind him.  Soon, she will reclaim her rightful position (in her eyes) and roll on her back at my feet, white tummy flashing, eyelashes fluttering.  Bailey will wedge himself in behind her.  And there they will remain - offering silent, sleepy support while I tap away; emailing, Facebooking, number crunching, phoning...

They keep me calm and make me smile.  Shouldn't every home office have a rabbit or two? is a complete rabbit information resource and non-profit site raising the profile of rabbits as pets.  Join us on Facebook

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