Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nut carpets, triceratops and butt curtains

Bizarre title, I know, but this blog post is actually about the more mundane realities of life with house rabbits.  It's not all binkies and bunnyflops...

Nut carpets

Bailey likes to have a few nuts around him at all times
Whatever you call them - raisins, cocoa puffs or, in our house, nuts - rabbit droppings have an amazing ability to travel, lurk and resist the suction power of all vacuum cleaners.  I spend a ridiculous amount of time each day sweeping them up, only to have them quickly replaced by our helpful bunnies.  No big deal, except when visitors drop in unannounced and I cringe in embarrassment, hastily kick them under the sofa (the nuts, not the visitors) and hope that nothing surfaces in their cup of tea...

What can you do?  Keep calm and carry on sweeping...


This is what my husband calls caecotrophs - mostly in humour but also partly, I suspect, because he can't pronounce it.  I'm not sure I can either, to be honest.  Whatever you call them, those clusters of soft squidgy poo lying in wait for our bare feet on the carpet may be rare but are pretty unpleasant when trodden on.

What can you do?  Thankfully this one has a solution - reduce the greens, up the hay, wash your feet and try not to retch...

Butt curtains

Bailey's butt curtain

Bailey and Flicka seem to moult almost constantly, to the point that it is a brief and blessed respite when they are NOT moulting.   And where there's a moult, there's tufts or, as we call them, butt curtains.  Teasing the tufts out without further upsetting an already grumpy bun is one of rabbit life's great challenges, and one which I have yet to master judging by Bailey's ever-present grumpiness.

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